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Fields of the Wood Bible Park ~ Murphy, North Carolina
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Fields of the Wood

About 12 miles up Hwy 294, in the extreme western corner of North Carolina, almost to the Tennessee line, you will find the Fields of the Wood.

Drive through the gates, and you drive into a valley, or a hollow, between two mountains. Look to the right and you see Ten Commandments Mountain, with the Ten Commandments literally etched into the side of a huge grassy mountain, which is an awesome sight to behold. A long staircase is carved into the mountain, to let you ascend the enormous Ten Commandments, marked in white against the brilliant green grass. Look to the right of the cleared mountain, and you will see a road that will take you up the side of the mountain to the top.

We highly recommend you go up that mountain one way or another. The view is extraordinary!

The other side of the mountain has a staircase that leads up to another beautiful view. Along the way you have scripture signs all the way up. There are also testimonies of the church, and some church history.

There was also a recreated tomb of Joseph of Arimathea, where Jesus was laid after His resurrection. It shows the stone rolled away, celebrating a risen Savior!

The park consists of:

Ten Commandments Mountain
The All Nations Cross
Prayer Mountain Chapel
The Tomb of Jesus
Gospel Theatre
Nature Trails
Solid Rock Snack Shop
Hidden Treasures Gift Shop
Baptismal Pool
Picnic Area
Duck PondFields of the Wood is located in Murphy, North Carolina, USA.

10000 Highway 294
Route #4 Box 240
Murphy, NC 28906-1871

For more information you may call the office at 828.494.5572 or the Gift Shop at 828.494.7855.

On a very personal note – we love the Lord with all our heart, have accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as our personal savior, study His word and seek to walk in a manner worthy of the gospel. While this was a great “Bible” place to visit, I had a distinctive “uh-oh” and red flags screaming when I looked at the actual church’s writings. Avoid their writings, and enjoy the scripture!