In Loving Memory *** Friends 2

Marvin Sapp **** New Jerusalem ** COGIC ** Hartford, CT

Lucus Rodrigues *** Waterbury, CT

Mother Gladys D. Brown ** New Jerusalem COGIC Hartford, CT

Mother Lorene Dinnis *** Community Tabernacle Outreach Center, Waterbury, CT

Mother Lula Jeffersom *** Holy Trinity COGIC

Hartford, CT

Rebekah Evans Gorham  ** COGIC ** Women.'s Department

Hartford, CT

Rebecca Roscoe  *** Restoration Springs

Waterbury, CT

Rev. Dr. Horace Holloman

The First Cathedral Church, Bloomfield, CT

Norma Zirquin Merced de Diaz

Wethersfield, CT

Pierre Ewing *** Enfield.CT

Mrs. Ruth Toron Mamlok ** Mr. Julius Alvin Mamlok * Formerly of  Southbury and Long Beach, NY

Glenn Merritt Sr. **** New Haven, CT